Ready to Expect Something Unexpected?

Due to harsh weather and several other factors, we can all expect to experience the unexpected. Imagine you have plans to watch a movie on a weekend or have arranged a family gathering, but suddenly you hear a sparking sound and all of your house goes dark. Would you want to wait until Monday to have this electrical failure fixed? No.

We are ready to say YES we can fix your electrical problem without waiting for Monday. Our electrician will be on their way in to time at all.

Our Commitment

We have a committed staff that works to make your life and premises safe. We provide 24/7 emergency electrical service for our residential clients. Our electricians are ready to protect you even at midnight, during the weekend or on a public holiday. Our troubleshooting expert electricians arrive with a fully equipped truck, carrying all kinds of parts necessary to serve you as soon as possible.

In short, our solution experts can be considered electricians that have an electrical store on wheels, providing electrical services right away.

If you encounter any electrical problem during the night or day, on weekends or holidays, feel free to call us for an emergency electrician. Our electricians will be with you the moment you need them.

We carry a large inventory of electrical parts in our trucks and serve you right away with all kinds of electrical accessories and service parts available. We provide and install products in the safest way to ensure your satisfaction.

The Highest Quality of Service Every Time

Safe Electrical Solutions believes in working hard so that our clients remain satisfied and refer us for any future electrical work. We strive to achieve the best results possible for our clients. Even during emergency situations, our electricians don’t bypass any repair method or skip any part. We understand your needs and our emergency electricians will complete your service in any kind of weather and at any time. No matter the value of your commercial electrical needs, when you hire Safe Electrical Solutions, you can expect:

Quick response to schedule your work appointment

  • Licensed electricians with a fully equipped truck
  • High-quality materials and equipment
  • Upfront prices and no surprises

Emergency electrical service is available throughout the GTA including Toronto, the York Region and the Peel Region.

Wear and Tear in Severe Weather

Protection of electrical systems and wiring is very important when you face severe weather. Our certified and experienced electricians can help to keep you safe.

Plug and Play for a Blackout

Most people buy electrical devices or appliances that come with plug and play features. It is nice to have plug and play electronics like night lamps, computers, TVs, video players, standing fans, portable heaters and more. You can have it all, but you can only use up to a certain limit of your electrical circuit. Be careful about amperage required for your plug and play electronics.

The Weekend is Not the Time for a Power Failure or Blackout

If you are not a certified electrician or electrical contractor by profession, don’t try to replace any electrical device by yourself. Trying to save money by doing it yourself can hurt you seriously. Do not put your home at risk for a fire. Mixed up wiring and lost connections are fire hazards and may place you at risk.

If you have a power failure, it could be a number of things including a fuse or breaker problem, malfunctioning circuit or improper wiring. Our experienced electricians know how to troubleshoot your wiring and restore your power as soon as possible.